Sensors and actuators

Sensors & Actuators

  • Sensors for: temperature, moisture, pressure, force, etc. 
  • Microwave sensors
  • Data acquisition and transmission 
  • Sensor signal processing 
  • Servo systems 
  • Expert control 
  • Motor drives 
  • Fieldbus interfaces

FPGA and ASIC design

FPGA / ASIC Design

  • Integration of discrete logic 
  • Custom design services 
  • DSP blocks 
  • Integrated microcontroller 
  • Design verification and simulation 
  • VHDL, ABEL hardware languages 
  • MEET Ltd. is a

 Xilinx Alliance Partner



EMC testing

EMC Testing

  • EMC compliant board layout assistance 
  • EMC troubleshooting 
  • In house or on-site immunity & emissions Pre-Compliance Test 
  • CE Regulations information

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Consulting and coaching

Consulting & Coaching

  • Expert opinion 
  • Insurance expertise 
  • Measurement problem solving 
  • CE compliance problem solving 
  • Project coaching 
  • Product cost optimization 
  • Personnel training in our fields of expertise

PCB layout

PCB Layout

  • Schematic entry 
  • PCB layout (single or multilayer) on professional CAD tool 
  • EMC compliant component placement and routing 
  • Fast prototyping with PCB milling-plotter machine

Building control

Building Controls

  • Development & commissioning of controls for new buildings 
  • Maintenance of existing Lonworks® control systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Remote controls
  • Energy monitoring
  • Solar powered systems